Update on Ted Fones Print
Written by Michael Fones   
Saturday, 15 August 2009 13:16
I appreciate everyone's prayers for my dad.

He was doing well Thursday morning when I chose to go to Omaha after all. When I left, but had a setback: terrible, uncontrolled palsy in his hands and arms that made it impossible to hold anything, plus slurred speech and stuttering. I returned at my sister's insistence because both she and my dad were very anxious that the nursing staff (a new one that day) were insistent that nothing was wrong, and he was just confused. It's a long, sad story, but he's much better today, thanks be to God. The palsy's almost all gone, and his speech seems to be fine. Your prayers are appreciated. He is 87 and has 20% kidney function (he'll be on dialysis soon), some heart disease, and diabetic neuropathy in his legs. Nevertheless, he's my mom's caregiver! His mind is as sharp as ever - he's a Life Master in duplicate bridge and regularly ends up in first or second place at local bridge gatherings with his various partners.

He's being transferred out of the critical care unit this afternoon. Hopefully he'll be starting physical therapy soon.