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A New Year's Tradition of a Completely Colorado Kind PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Monday, 31 December 2007 12:53
It is exceptionally cold in Colorado on this New Year's Eve. I-70 is still closed across the mountains (and 2,000 travelers are stranded) and Leadville is expecting -15 F temps tonight. Alamosa is expecting a low of -31 F.

I'm back in the lowlands (6700 ft) where it is only supposed to drop to -3. Weather like this creates the proper mindset to contemplate the heroic efforts of the AdAmAn Club.

Every New Year's Eve since 1922, this dauntless group has spent two days climbing Pike's Peak in the dead of winter in order to set off fireworks from the peak (14,110 feet) at midnight New Year's Eve. Moonglow, snow or 50 below. Whether those of us living at the mountain's foot can see the fireworks or not. On a clear night, the fireworks can be seen for 125 miles. Every year, they "add a man" or woman to the original "frozen five" below.

There are 88 members now although I don't know if they all will make the climb this year. Here is a detailed description of the process from a member of the AdAmAn club.

Enjoy this picture of the fireworks from 2004. And be grateful that you will be at that party or curled up by the fire with a nice Irish coffee.


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