Glory to God in the Highest Print
Written by Sherry   
Thursday, 27 December 2007 08:47
Back from the high country where when the sun shines, it is magnificent beyond words, (Glory to God in the HIghest, indeed) and when the sun does not shine, it's very, very cold.

But the cold and the snow have followed us "down" to 6,700 feet - the whole Front Range is expected a major winter storm today and its has begun to snow already.

Meanwhile, Benazir Bhutto has been assassinated (please pray for that extremely dangerous situation in Pakistan and the whole region) and Armenian and Orthodox priests were engaged in a brawl at the Shrine of the Nativity in Bethlehem, The same thing happened the year I spent Thanksgiving in the Holy Land. It's old news. Sigh.

The world didn't look noticeably brighter two days after Jesus' birth 2000 years ago either. But God had entered the world in a wholly new way and the work of redemption had begun in history. And we are, all of us, caught up in that great, cosmic work today - however unlikely it may seem. How can we offer ourselves today, to be used as an instrument of Christ's love?

O come, let us adore him.

There will be more blogging today as I wade through e-mails, etc.