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Written by Sherry   
Thursday, 13 December 2007 07:33
Much going on . . .

Yesterday Fr. Mike and I had a fascinating conversation with an experienced travel agent about a possible "In the Footsteps of St. Catherine" tour of Rome and Tuscany in April of 2009. We may have to fiddle things a bit with Fr. Mike's schedule but it looks very doable. We'll let you know more as we know.

We are still wrestling with more requests for several more Called & Gifted workshops during Jan - March (we are already doing 21 C & G's in those three months) and Fr. Mike has got two more parish missions - ten in all this year so far = three of which I will be doing with him. (University of Indiana Newman Center and two here in Colorado Springs)

Here's the schedule for early January so ID readers can make plans to attend one near you:

Jan 4: A one day Called & Gifted for Catholic school teachers at St. Francis de Sales School in Houston.

Jan 4/5: Spanish language Called & Gifted, St. Isidore's Parish, Bloomingdale, IL

Jan 4/5: Called & Gifted workshop, St. Patrick's Catholic Church, Pasco, WA

Jan 7 - 10: Fr. Mike and I will presenting a abridged version of Making Disciples for the Dominican pastors, pastoral staff and lay leaders of the Dominican parishes and Newman Centers of the west coast, Menlo Park, CA. This should be interesting for many reasons, including the fact that we'll have a chance to meet Mike Hayes of Googling God who will also be speaking there. (Alas, this one is not open to the general public)

Jan 11/12: Two Called & Gifted workshops in the Seattle area:

St. Stephen the Martyr, Renton
St. Brendan's, Bothell

and two workshops that same weekend in Jetmore, Kansas:

Jan 12: St. Lawrence Catholic Church, Jetmore

Jan 13: High School/teen Called & Gifted, Jetmore

Click here for our whole upcoming event schedule