More Notes on the Note - After My Morning Latte Print
Written by Sherry   
Saturday, 15 December 2007 06:42
Several people kindly sent me e-mails, pointing me to the UK Bishop's page where the full 19 page text of the CDF Note on Evangelization is to be found. Thanks for the tip.

Alas, I really do work for a living - especially these days, with an intense winter schedule bearing down upon us. I was working pretty furiously with Fr. Mike, outlining those three Lenten missions that we are going to be offering together in February/March, until 9 pm last night. My early morning entries were all that I could give to the cause. I was surprised that the full text was out so much later than the summary - but I suppose that the summary was issued first for media purposes.

But today is different. I plan to read the full Note with my morning latte and watch the sunrise from my window. It is very cold here at the moment - a wind chill of -6 - but the clear winter skies should be beautiful.

I'll post my thoughts later today.