The Saturday Morning Doctrine Club Print
Written by Sherry   
Saturday, 15 December 2007 07:07
David Schultz of Melbourne (who we met when we were last there in 2004) has a similar idea of how to begin his Saturday.

Now I can sit down, have my breakfast, unwrap The Age AND read the latest infallible pronouncement... (W.G. Ward eat your heart out.)

David, while CDF notes are authoritative, they aren't infallible as such. But I do understand the spirit of David's comment.

David, of course, is referring to the old story of 19th century English convert W. G. Ward, who asserted that he wanted a papal bull beside his bacon & eggs in the morning.

It just gave me a grin - to envision a global network of hundreds, perhaps thousands of Catholics, sitting down this morning to a leisurely perusal of A Note on Some Aspects of Evangelization - in their respective languages - with their Saturday morning tea or brioche or rashers. Fellow searchers after truth - I salute you!

What Ward could only dream of - made possible by the internet.

PS. Anyone else disoriented by having to read what amounts to a crooked fax 24 hours after the document was released? Why the delay in publishing a more readable version?