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The Timeline of English Persecution PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Tuesday, 04 December 2007 07:17
The Timeline of Persecution from this very useful website, The Recusant Historian's Handbook gives you a sense of the mounting oppression that Elizabethan Catholics faced.

1559, Act of Supremacy: Monarch supreme governor of Church of England, clergy to take oath of supremacy on pain of deprivation.

1559, Act of Uniformity: imposed Book of Common Prayer, one shilling fine for failure to attend church on Sunday.

1563, forbidden to defend papal supremacy on pain of Praemunire (forfeiture of property).

1571, treason to call monarch heretic or schismatic, treason to introduce papal bulls.

1581, treason to convert or to be converted to Catholicism, fine of £20 per month for recusancy.

1585, treason for Jesuits or seminary priests to enter the country.

1587, suspected recusant who failed to appear for trial incurred guilt.

1593, recusants restricted to within five miles of their homes.

1605, convicted recusants to receive Anglican communion once per annum on pain of fine and eventual forfeiture of property.

1605, recusants barred from office and professions.

1678, recusants barred from parliament.

1692, recusants incur double land tax.

1699, recusants barred from purchasing or inheriting land.

1778, Relief Act: Catholics permitted to own land.

1791, Relief Act: Catholic clergy permitted to exercise ministry.

1829, Emancipation Act: Catholics permitted to hold office and to sit in parliament.

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