Snow in Bethlehem Print
Written by Sherry   
Saturday, 20 December 2008 15:57
In honor of the cold and snowy weather spreading over the much of the country today - and especially to my friends and family in my birthplace, Seattle - where they are actually expecting a blizzard (!) (I'm sure that people will slog through the storm to hear Fr. Mike preach at Blessed Sacrament all the same), I thought I would share this wonderful little passage from Chesterton:

"This is written amid fields of snow within a few days of Christmas. And when I last saw snow it was within a few miles of Bethlehem.

The coincidence will serve as a symbol of something I have noticed all my life, thought it is not very easy to sum up. It is generally the romantic thing that turns out to be the real thing, under the extreme test of realism. It is the skeptical and even rational legend that turns out to be entirely legendary.

Everything I had been taught or told leg me to regard snow in Bethlehem as a paradox, like snow in Egypt. Every rumour of realism, every indirect form of rationalism, every scientific opinion taken on authority and at third hand, had let me to regard the country where Christ was born solely as a sort of semi-tropical place with nothing but palm-trees and parasols.

It was only when I actually looked at it that it looked exactly like a Christmas card."