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Written by Sherry   
Tuesday, 01 December 2009 08:30

What's that brilliant yellow orb in that brilliant blue sky? And at the unnatural hour of 7 am?

There's nothing like a sunny December morning in Colorado to tell you you aren't in Alaska any more.

Anchorage is very beautiful - but at this time of year, it's beauty of another kind - the sober grandeur of snow topped fir and spruce and the mountains are hidden most of the time. Daylight - when it get around to showing up about 9:40 am - comes in shades of grey.

So the literally in-your-face quality of Colorado winter sunshine is kinda stunning. And dazzling.

Makes you want to sing and dance - like Joni Mitchell's classic Chelsea Morning. Here's a blast from the past - if you can handle the truly groovy decor.

Does every generation look as goofy to the ones that follow?
Someday, people will stumble across snippets of our blogs and roll their eyes.


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