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Written by Sherry   
Sunday, 03 February 2008 10:12
We had a great trip to St. Mary's. A very hospitable and even occasionally rowdy crowd. Good reception and lots of good conversations with the international student body. More Anglo students than some seminary groups I've encountered but still lots of students from Nigeria, South America, Ireland, all studying for various Texas and Arkansas dioceses. etc.

St. Mary's has a most interesting event scheduled next week: the Institute for Priestly Formationn out of Creighton is offering a symposium on the priest as spiritual healer at St. Mary's. How I would love to be a fly on the that wall and listen in!

Relentless schedule. Only problem was no sound system Thursday evening which mean I had to strain my voice shouting to 60+ guys (and one woman - a sister) in an acoustically dead classroom. This greatly exacerbated the remnants of the cold I picked up in Seattle and my voice and throat became very irritated.

Got back at 11 am yesterday and went to bed. Have slept 13 of the past 23 hours. Plan to do as little talking and high energy stuff as possible over next 5 days until I leave for my next trip: three events in three states over 9 days.

But I can still blog! More in a bit.

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