Charisms, Healing, & Discernment Resources Print
Written by Sherry   
Friday, 22 February 2008 09:56
Off to the great Salt Lake for the weekend. Back Sunday.

Meanwhile, since there is a really good conversation doing on about healing and the charisms on the post on Raising the Dead and the Kingdom of God below, I thought I would point out the obvious.

Many of the questions about charisms and healing below are addressed in our Called & Gifted workshop. You can either attend a live workshop (check out our calendar here) if we are offering one near you or you can get it on CD (be sure and get a copy of the Catholic Spiritual Gifts Inventory which is an important part of the process and normally taken by everyone who attends a life event).

We also have lots of other discernment resources in English and Spanish in our webstore.

Discerning charisms is a great Lenten exercise!