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Friday, 19 January 2007 10:13

Written by Keith Strohm

Below you will find an example of creativity in proclaiming the Gospel to the world. It's an excellent marketing piece that draws youth to a special event, The 1 Event. You can bet that this event will highlight the proclamation of the kerygma as well as an invitation for a personal encounter with Christ.

The video was created by my neighbor, a protestant youth minister, and is a prime example of utilizing the new media to introduce young people to Christ. Leave aside theological issues with the protestant notion of "being saved" and take a look at what they have created. Not because these theological differences aren't important, but because these ecclesial communities seem to do a much better job of introducing men and women to Christ. This is a prime example of examining 'how' they are accomplishing that so we can become more effective in our efforts to connect and root men and women with the fullness of the Revelation of God in Jesus Christ.

I'm not suggesting that we start creating events where people "get saved," but I am asking that we look at these methodologies and see how we can authentically evangelize and support the discipleship of others.

The website is here.

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