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Friday, 12 January 2007 22:43

Written by Keith Strohm

Over at Disputations, a wonderfully Dominican-flavored blog, there is a great reflection on a leper's encounter with Jesus and how this encounter summarizes how Divine Providence and human will work together.

The post ends with the following powerful reflection on how the author feels he lives out his discipleship:

But a leper today looking for a human being, in a human body, to kneel before will have to settle for one of us, a member of Christ's mystical body. What
would we say, if a leper today came to us and kneeling down begged us and said, "If Christ wish, He can make me clean"?I, for one, would feel dashed awkward about the whole thing, but then I don't think I run much of a risk of being put in that position. Not because there aren't plenty of lepers today, but because I don't give them much reason to think Christ can make them clean.

Check it out here