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Written by Sherry   
Tuesday, 09 January 2007 07:58
If you live near Houston or Nampa, ID, you are in luck because a Called & Gifted workshop is coming to your neighborhood this weekend.

The Called & Gifted is a fun, high energy introduction to our mission as lay apostles and the opportunity to begin discerning the "charisms" - ways we have been supernaturally empowered by God for the sake of others - that we were given by the Holy Spirit at baptism. C & G's typically run from 7pm-9:30 Friday night and 9:30 - 4pm on Saturday.

24,000 Catholics (and non-Catholics) have attended live C & G's to date and we are still regularly astonished and encouraged by what happens when lay Christians like you and I begin to discern God's call together. I always tell those we train to help others discern charism that "this is the most fun you can have legally". That is because witnessing what God is doing in the lives of "ordinary" intentional disciples will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up!

In Houston, our teaching team will be holding forth at St Thomas More Catholic Church, Houston.

CONTACT: Suzie Hamilton, Pastoral Associate, or the Parish office at (713) 729-0221 for information or to register.

In Nampa,
the workshop will be St Paul's Catholic Church, Nampa ID (Diocese of Boise)

CONTACT: Joan Ann Piper or the Parish Office at (208) 466-7031 for information or to register.