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The Charism of Bi-Location PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Tuesday, 23 January 2007 06:21
When Fr. Mike started with us, I let him know that bi-location was one of the requirements for the job. This coming weekend is going to be the ultimate test as we have five different Called & Gifted workshops in five different cities.

The secret to bi-location success? Our hardy band of traveling teachers and our emerging local teaching teams. Altogether, about 100 men and women (lay and clergy) like Keith and "the other Sherry", help us teach the Called & Gifted workshop around the country.

If you are near one of the following cities, check it out! Go here for contact information and to pre-register. You do not have to be a parishioner to attend. The C & G runs 7 - 9:30 pm on Friday night and 9:30 - 4pm on Saturday.

Speaking of parishes of interest, all of these parishes are exceptionally committed to evangelization and lay formation.

1) San Francisco, St. Dominic's parish.
(Scott Moyer, Director of Adult Faith Formation, heads up our Bay area Called & Gifted team. Scott was a high tech entrepreneur when he first took the C & G, and was able to "name" the curious restlessness that had haunted him for years. It was the charism of pastoring. Result: Scott changed careers and just finished his Master's in theology. Scott has also just become the proud father of Matthew. He's working on the bi-location thing.)

2) Spokane, WA: St. Patrick's Catholic Church.
(Fr. Daniel Barnett, the hyperkenetic (he moves so fast he might as well be bi-locating) pastor of two parishes and diocesan vocations director, heads our Spokane area team.)

3) Boise, ID: Sacred Heart Church
(Carol McGee, Pastoral Associate for Adult Faith Formation, had led our Idaho state teaching team for the past 6 years. She also heads up the parish Evangelization Retreats which have resulted in hundreds of Boise Catholics and Protestants becoming intentional disciples over the past 10 years)

4) Colorado Springs, CO: Holy Apostles Church
(I'll be heading up this local parish teaching team in training. I like watching other people bi-locate.)

5) St. Paul, MN: Nativity of Our Lord Catholic Church
(Fr. Mike will test the limits of bi-location by attempting to be in St. Paul and Tucson at the same time!)

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