The Conversation about ID Continues Print
Written by Sherry   
Saturday, 27 January 2007 08:00
Fr. Mike and I are off teaching today and Keith will be out of town for the weekend, but the buzz about our blog, the Institute, and the whole concept of "Intentional Discipleship" continues to fly about St. Blogs.

Amy Welborn (Jan 25) Disputations (scroll down to Jan 24) Commonweal (where it all started with Peter Nixon's post about us, scroll down to January 23) and now Catholic Sensibility, There are other small conversations at other blogs as well. As I wrote on
Catholic Sensibility just now:

We have been quite startled by all the attention because the two things that make us stand out:

1) confounding conservative-liberal categories;

2) insisting on talking about about things that Catholics on both the right and left don’t talk about - like discipleship and formation and gifts and vocational discernment for all the baptized

have been the hallmarks of the Institute for the past 10 years.

St. Blog’s has just noticed.

So join in the conversation. I'll check back in tonight.