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Friday, 05 January 2007 08:41

Written by Keith Strohm

I do a lot* of work with pastoral leadership, helping them transform parishes into communities where intentional formation for mission is a priority. Oftentimes, as we have noted here on Intentional Disciples, this requires:
  • Working on the fundamental evangelization of much of the community
  • Building a culture where the discipleship of individuals is nurtured through prayer, study of scripture and Church teaching, faith sharing, opportunities for spiritual growth
  • Beginning the process of spiritual gifts discernment and vocational discernment
  • Forming a generation of formators, those who will continue the work of formation at all levels of the parish
  • Aligning the strategy (multiple-year plan) and structures of the community to support these priorities

among many other things.

Given the work that needs to be done in these areas, what are the top 3 things that could (or should) occur in your parish to move it toward becoming a community where disciples are intentionally formed and the mission of the parish to the local community is prioritized? I'm looking for practical, hands-on suggestions on the things that would need to happen within the parish of your most recent experience.

*By "a lot" I mean that the work is distributed among only a small number of parishes, but the depth and time-intensity is quite heavy.