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Pastor of Third Largest Methodist Church in World Becoming Catholic PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Friday, 18 January 2008 09:07
I suppose this also made the rounds a few days ago but Allen Hunt, who, a year ago, was senior pastor of the third largest Methodist church in the world (Mt Pisgah in Georgia) announced that he will be received into the Catholic church. He had apparently transitioned out of the senior pastorate during the last year in preparation for this announcement not. and has focused upon his daily radio show. His wife will remain active in the Methodist church.

The responses on his personal blog run the gamut but are mostly positive.

Drop in and write him a note of welcome if you can. (Update: I see that comments have been closed at his blog site)

The Archdiocese of Atlanta is one of the healthiest in the nation so he's in a very good place to make the transition but he still needs our prayers. This is a very difficult transition to make - especially if you were pastor of a booming evangelical mega-church.

Abu Daoud asks one obvious question in the comments below:

Can Allen Hunt be a candidate for priesthood even though he is married? We all know that there have been a number of married Anglican/Episcopalian men ordained as Catholic priests. But a Methodist?

As of 2005:There are at least seventy-seven married men who have been ordained as Catholic priests in the United States. Sixty-six of these married priests were former Episcopalians, seven were former Lutherans, three were former Methodists, and one was a former Presbyterian.

So it is not unheard of - but I'm sure would be determined very individually - if Allen Hunt feels called to explore such a possibility. (how his wife remaining Methodist would affect this, I don't know).

You might it interesting to check out Allen Hunt's "All Catholic" show from December, 2006 featuring his good friend, Steven Boguslawski, O.P,

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