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Written by Sherry   
Tuesday, 15 July 2008 16:42
Go here for a exhilarating series of pictures taken from yesterday's WYD Mass. (via the Australian)

They capture the exuberant joy as nothing else does.

And gives someone like me who has never been a sense of the impact such a gathering can have.

To know that you are not alone!
To experience the global breadth of Catholic community, life, vitality.
To sense (perhaps for the first time) that power and relevance of the faith.
To have your vision for what your life could be and mean raised and raised again.
The daring to hold such a huge event in such a secular age and time - and its impact on the city that holds it.

God bless John Paul II! If he had done nothing else but institute World Youth Day, he would have left a huge mark.

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