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Zulu Hymns and Nose Bleeds PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Friday, 11 July 2008 08:38
And here's another snapshot of the Melbourne Days in the Diocese - and what they mean to different pilgrims: Via The Age:

WHEN 25-year-old Hungarian Andras Balazs announced his intention to become a Catholic priest, his Protestant mother and friends were shocked.

His mother's eyes still light up with hope when she sees him talking to a woman but she has accepted his chosen path with the church that is still recovering from years of persecution in Hungary.

"There was communism in our country that killed a lot of priests and the congregation," he said in Melbourne yesterday.

The young seminarian and his contingent of 23 Hungarians were clearly excited to mingle among the faithful from all over the world at St Patrick's Cathedral.


After yesterday's welcome, a group from Johannesburg joyously burst into Zulu hymns as they stepped out of the cathedral.

Simangele Katane, 21, said it had taken two hard years of fund-raising to make the journey from South Africa.

She said that while Melbourne's "really steep roads" were of tremendous fascination, attending Mass with the Pope in Sydney was still the highlight of their trip. "It's not every day you get to meet the Pope as he doesn't come to South Africa," she said between bursts of song.

Nearby, 21-year-old aspiring priest Nino De Aro, from the Philippines, was struggling with the coldest temperatures he had experienced in his life, which he blamed for a nose bleed.

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