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Written by Sherry   
Tuesday, 13 July 2010 08:20

Lets see if I can finish a short blog post without an unwary move of my mouse sending it into oblivion.  I've lost at least a half dozen posts that way lately and I find it so frustrating and pointless.  I lost another short post again cause I hadn't hit "save" 30 minutes ago.

It is one of the reasons you haven't heard much from me over the past couple of months.  I've learned for the sake of my own well-being not to fight it but simply turn to something else.  Ah well, we are going to move the blog into a Wordpress format soon - but still at this url - which is designed for blogging and is infinitely better suited to it.  And it does automatic back-ups so I don't have to blog in a state of constant anxiety.

Wouldn't you know.  Just as I typed this words "I wanted to make ID readers aware", my post vanished again.  But I had saved it - twice! - so I only lost a couple sentences and can begin again.  (A lovely woman who worked with me at the University of Washington, had a amusing habit of being sweet as pie with people on the phone.  But if she found them too irritating, she would put them briefly on hold, shake her herself, mutter "Scream of Rage!" and then, feeling relieved, return to the conversation.  My sentiments exactly!)

Back to the point of this post.

It is to make ID readers aware of a wonderful daily prayer resource:  Pray As You Go.  The website is the creation of the British Jesuits and provides short (10 - 12 minute) daily prayer/meditations that combine gorgeous music, Scripture, and meditation questions.  You can download them a week in advance in MP3, WMA, or I-Tunes format if you don't want to pop in everyday.  There is also a helpful 8 minute review-of-the-day exercise and links to other prayer and spirituality resources in the UK.

Like St. Breuno's, a gorgeous looking retreat house in Wales where Gerard Manley Hopkins spent three years and wrote some of his most famous poems.  Their annual Gerard Manley Hopkins retreat begins today.  (The pictures bring back such memories of living in Wales!  I must visit this place someday.)

"Away in the loveable west,
On a pastoral forehead of Wales,
I was under a roof here,  I was at rest.....