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On Being Pro-Life and Mass Murder PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Sunday, 22 July 2012 11:34

James Martin, SJ writes in America about the need for pro-life people to look again at an area that we have seldom addressed: gun control. Not gun elimination.  Gun control.  Martin writes:

"Pro-life religious people need to consider how it might be made more difficult for people to procure weapons that are not designed for sport or hunting or self-defense.

Why would anyone be opposed to firmer gun control, or, to put it more plainly, laws that would make it more difficult for mass murders to occur?  If one protests against abortions clinics because they facilitate the taking of human life, why not protest against largely unregulated suppliers of firearms because they facilitate the taking of human life as well?"

Human lives like six year olds taken by their mother or father into a movie theater.

There is no conceivable use for assault weapons in non-police, non-combat, ordinary civilian life - except mass murder.

From a Denver newsource:

"The semiautomatic assault rifle used by the gunman jammed during the attack, a federal law enforcement official told The Associated Press, which forced the shooter to switch to another gun with less fire power.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to in order to discuss the investigation, said the disabled weapon had a high-capacity ammunition magazine. Police have said that a 100-round drum magazine was recovered at the scene and that such a device would be able to fire 50 to 60 rounds a minute.

Holmes also bought an urban assault vest, two magazine holders and a knife for just over $300 on July 2 from an online supplier of tactical gear for police and military personnel, according to the company.

Chad Weinman, CEO of, said his company processes thousands of orders each day, and there was nothing unusual in the one that Holmes placed.

"Everything Mr. Holmes purchased on July 2 is commercially available," Weinman said, adding he was "appalled" that the material was sold to Holmes before the shooting."

So we have a technical malfunction to thank for the fact that the toll of the dead and the wounded aren't higher than they are?

It's time to say that this is madness.  It's time to say that unregulated availibility of assault weapons is clearly anti-life.  It's time for pro-life people to take a stand.


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