Newark Parishes Support Women Suffering from Post-Partum Depression Print
Written by Sherry   
Monday, 18 June 2007 07:15
Well, its a beautiful, cool, breezy, summer morning in my neighborhood. I didn't get enough sleep (plane delays in Burbank) so I'm only half awake - but home.

The Archdiocese of Newark has anounced a new initiative: parish-based support to women suffering from post-partum depression. What an interesting idea. I wonder how this evolved? There's usually intersting stories behind something like this: a story that began in suffering.

This news comes via Postpartum Progress, the blog of Canadian entertainer Amy Sky, which offers lots of links and information about Post Partum Depression. She points out that something like 10 - 15% of all women who give birth in the US every year - at least 400,000 women - suffer from ppd in the US.

I have a good friend who suffered a psychotic break immediately after her first pregnancy and experienced more serious ones after babies two and three. She couldn't care for her own children for over a year after the last birth.

So no more children - for the sake of those she already has. The family are devoutly Catholic and remarkably upbeat and cheerful about the whole thing - but my friend will be probably be on anti-psychotic meds the rest of her life.

Knowledge and understanding at the parish level for new moms confronting ppd and more serious problems would be such a help. It is part of being truly pro-life.