What a Weekend Coming Up Print
Written by Sherry   
Thursday, 14 June 2007 12:28
500 attendees at two Called & Gifted workshops in two new dioceses
A Called & Gifted teacher training
A Called & Gifted interviewer training

8 teachers on the road including me and Fr. Mike. 20 boxes of resources


I just found out that 18 people from the parish in Boise which is HQ for the Called & Gifted workshop in Idaho are traveling to San Francisco this weekend to put on the first evangelization retreat at the parish which is HQ for the Called & Gifted in San Francisco.

I know because I had to call our team leaders in both parishes to see if they could meet with the representatives of a Australian archdiocese who are planning to criss-cross the western US in July talking to parishes who have implemented Called & Gifted.

Oh yeah, and I really, really have to get back to cutting those 15 slides out of the Tuesday morning schedule for Making Disciples because our teachers like Keith Strohm would really, really like to know what they are supposed to be doing.

There's a reason why brilliant, witty, original blogging is in short supply at the moment. (Beside the fact that Fr. Mike is putting the final touches on his presentations in Eugene next week!)

Your prayers appreciated. If you are a reader of ID and attend one of our events this weekend, be sure and give the teachers a shout out! We'd love to meet you.