The Year of St. Paul is About to Begin Print
Written by Sherry   
Wednesday, 04 June 2008 07:50
Catholic Online has a great video piece about the Year of St. Paul which begins June 28, 2008 and runs through June 29, 2009. Unfortunately, there's no embed code but you can watch it here.

The report notes:

The most important aspect of the year will be its emphasis on Christian unity. Cardinal Lanza di Montezemolo, rector of the Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls (site of St. Paul's tomb) says "The year will allow everyone to pray for the unity of Christians. This aspect is very important for the Holy Father and he has recommended that we have this always in mind in everything we do."

As Pope Benedict said in his Homily for the Vespers on the Eve of Saints Peter & Paul, 2007:

"This Basilica, which has seen events of profound ecumenical significance, reminds us how important it is to pray together for the gift of unity, that unity for which St. Peter and St. Paul offered their existence up to the supreme sacrifice of their own blood.

In an unprecedented move, an ecumenical chapel will be set up next to St. Paul's Basilica in Rome for non-Catholics to pray. A two euro coin is going to issued in honor of St. Paul. For the year 2009, the Vatican has authorized the celebration of the feast of the Conversion of St. Paul on the usual day, January 25, although the date falls on the 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Benedict XVI has granted a Plenary Indulgence for the occasion of the two-thousandth anniversary of the birth of the Apostle Paul. The Plenary Indulgence will be valid throughout the Pauline Year which is due to run from 28 June 2008 to 29 June 2009.

There is a website dedicted to the year:

The MIssionary Society of St. Paul has this website for the Pauline year which features a somewhat shaky video tour of the Basilica and a very interesting 30 Day Walk with St. Paul. The MSP were founded in Nigeria in 1977 and have 200 priests who work all over Africa and parts of Europe. Apostles from the global south walking in the footsteps of their spiritual father, St. Paul.

In any case, we are starting to get requests related to the Pauline year: for Called & Gifted workshops, including our first for a mixed Orthodox-Catholic group (I'll let you know more when it is finalized). I've been asked to speak at a convocation for the Pauline year with Archbishop Chaput - I hope I finally get the chance to meet him.

I do wish I could visit the Basilica in Rome - but probably only in my dreams! Don't you feel a call to visit Rome this year? Come on. You know you do!