WYD Latin Style? Print
Written by Sherry   
Monday, 30 June 2008 08:52
On the home page of the World Youth Day site is a fun map.  Roll over the various continents and the registered number of pilgrims from that continent/area pops up.
What immediately struck me was how few representatives there will be from the two centers of the new global Church: Only 4,000 pilgrims each from South America and Africa.

27,000 from North America
54,000 from Europe
100,000 from Australia

Understandable with rising air fares.

But its time for WYD to be held in South America, I think.  The enormous cost involved is one huge factor, I'm sure.  And the political and economic stability and infrastructure necessary to make it work.  And the strong interest of the local bishops.

If they did it in the Philippines, surely they can do it in Rio.

WYD would be a powerful response to the rapid "de-Catholicizing" of Latin America and might well drawn many back to the faith.