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Written by Sherry   
Sunday, 21 June 2009 10:57
Home again. On the first day of summer after weeks of rain. Which means the wildflowers are everywhere. Even the wild area of the little park behind our house is full of finds. (click on the pictures to enlarge)

Hiding in a sea of grass whose wonderful tassels blow perpetually

brilliant blue spiderwort is everywhere - one of my favorites

One of the joys of spring round here (and here in the Rockies, June is still spring as far as wildflowers are concerned) - Indian paintbrush

I have never seen so many prickly pear cactus in bloom. Does this mean we will also get real prickly pears?

The beautiful if very poisonous Colorado locoweed

Sunny wild daisies

And when you raise your head, this view of the Garden of the Gods (the red stone ridges) below Pike's Peak. The view of the Peak changes constantly as you move about town but this view from our park gives a very clear sense of how far Pike's Peak towers above our most famous city park.

By the way, the Garden of the Gods is enormous. 15 miles of trails. Those ridges are at least 100 feet high - very impressive when you are standing beside them looming up against the brilliant blue Colorado sky. Climbers repel up and down them. Best climbing rocks in the city.

A reader asked "how high are those mountains? Hmmm - let me do the math. The Garden of the Gods is higher than the city and lower than our house. So that might put it about 6,300 feet high.

While Pike's Peak tops out at 14,110 feet so that would mean that the mountain is 7,800 feet higher than the park below.

Just for fun: a conversation I overheard two weeks ago early Sunday morning in the Garden of the Gods:

Visiting friend" "When you said 'we're to going to a park" I was expecting a swing set, a couple of slides" . . .

Puzzled local: "But this is Colorado . . ."

So how can you help but sing?


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