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Tuesday, 23 June 2009 18:33
Written by the other Sherry apply for a passport for a 2-week-old baby? After you have the birth certificate and social security number in hand, that is?

First, you need two 2x2 regulation passport pictures of baby. This takes:

Three trips to the local big-box store:

  1. One to try (and fail) to get a passport photo taken there; sorry, with babies you're better off with a white sheet and a digital camera at home....

  2. [Go home, take at least 50 different pictures, trying to get baby to open eyes, look straight ahead, and keep hands down. Eventually swaddle baby in blanket to keep hands out of picture. THINK you've finally got one that will work....]

  3. One to try getting a regulation 2"x2", white background, eyes open, looking into camera, both ears showing, one inch from chin to top of head, centered print from one of the several candidates you THOUGHT would work but turn out to be too large for the ID-picture-printing software at the photo kiosk to handle....

  4. [Go home again, feed everybody lunch, get the camera out again, take yet more pictures, this time from a few inches farther away. One hand holds camera, other hand tries to hold baby's head straight from behind. Who knew photography and contortionism had so much in common? Take many more pictures. Review them; AHA! This one ought to work!]

  5. One more to print out the one that finally worked - even though a bit of Mom's hand is visible, it passes muster:

Now, fill out the required forms, bring along baby's birth certificate, Mom, Dad, both their drivers' licenses, and baby to the local title office (which doubles as a passport office), sign the form in the presence of the requisite official, write sufficiently large check for expedited processing, get everything sealed into an overnight mail envelope....

Drive to post office, get requisite postage on overnight mail envelope, and entrust it to the postal service, which promises it will be delivered by noon tomorrow....

Now, wait to find out what "expedited processing" really means.

Didn't get much else done today, but at least I finished the one thing I really needed to get done. Thanks be to God for that, and for Grandma and Grandpa who made it possible to make trips 1, 2, and 3!

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