Catholic youth have a personal encounter with Jesus Print
Sunday, 25 March 2007 22:48

Written by  Br. Matthew Augustine, OP

This weekend some of our friars participated in a CFR-run youth retreat called Youth 2000. At one point the youth were gathered together in a circle, were read the Gospel account of the woman who was healed after touching the hem of Christ's garment, and prayed as a deacon approached each young person individually with a monstrance carrying the Blessed Sacrament. As he approached, the youth could reach out and touch the corner of the humeral veil. The brothers who assisted at this event said few if any of the three hundred or so youth went away unmoved- some who had been aloof and critical during other parts of the retreat were moved to tears as they encountered Christ in this way. As I said in my "What NOT to learn..." post, I don't think worship can be evaluated solely by emotional response. Nevertheless, I don't see how anybody could regard such an event, and the visceral response it occasioned in so many young people, as anything but a good thing.