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Living As the True Church? PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 27 March 2007 08:33

Written by Keith Strohm

Discussing the situation that is occurring within the Anglican Communion, Amy Welborn over at Open Book talks a bit about subjects that make up the focus of the blog. She writes:

A subject that comes up here a lot runs sort of like this:

A. The Roman Catholic Church claims to be the one, true Church of Jesus Christ.
B. The Roman Catholic Church botches things up more or less continually.
C. So, how can the Roman Catholic Church be the one, true Church of Jesus Christ?

The discussion usually revolves around issues of liturgy, catechesis and evangelization. It goes deeper than "bad liturgy." The question, as I've come to understand it, really comes down to this:

You have an "ideal" Catholic Church that is constituted in the deep rich Tradition of Catholicism. But hardly any of that is visible in the experience of the average Catholic parish today. Liturgies do not reflect the mind (not to speak of the liturgical law) of the Church, catechesis only scratches the surface and homilies..well...why do they even bother to go to seminary?

The problem is particulary acute for those who have "read" their way into the Church. It's been articulated over and over again.

She then highlights the same question that has been asked on Fr. Kimel's blog, Pontifications:

I do believe the pastoral problem is not one to be ignored. The transition of converts into the Catholic Church can be painful in a way that extends beyond the difficulty so many parishes have in communicating and expressing, in word, sign and ministry, the fullness of the Faith. Many former Protestants, active in their former church communities, have a difficult time finding a similar sense of fellowship and interest in evangelization in a Catholic parish.

All of that is by way of introduction to a comment hidden away on another blog. The comment is by the blogger - Fr. Al Kimel - but it is buried in the comments and was so good I thought it was worth sharing. It's #13 on this post:

#11: Adam, it is not just the poor worship. The poor worship has a cause, and the cause is ineffective, poor, or misleading catechesis. And, for me, still, this calls into question the proposition that “this is THE church”. If this is THE church, shouldn’t it do better at making Christians, out of both unchurched adults and little children?

Check out more of Amy's reflection and Fr. Kimel's response to the above question by going here. It's worth the look.


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