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Written by Sherry   
Monday, 12 March 2007 09:08
Asia News is a site that all interested in the welfare of Christianity around the world should check regularly. The Asia News folks regard their work as a form of evangelization. As they wrote when beginning their English language on-line version in 2003:

"A sociological study conducted by China's Open University (Renmin Daxue) demonstrates that 61.5% of Peking's students are interested in Christianity and want to be believers. The majority of them search for information on the Christian faith by way of literature. Since university students have internet access, we think that AsiaNews will help them to be familiar with the impact Christianity has on Asian and Chinese society. Already many Chinese intellectuals think China can be saved by Christianity, so as not to explode into a soulless market or a dictatorship that humiliates the individual."