Nurture the Child's Life. . .and the Mother's as Well Print
Written by Sherry   
Wednesday, 28 March 2007 08:08
Related and tragic. A wave of infanticide has stunned Germany which is trying to fight it by aggressively marketing Baby-Klappe hatches that allow women to drop off their babies to be found and cared for without having to give their names. 23 known cases of infanticide have come to light this year - well above average.

" Professor Helmut Kury, a criminologist, say: “Some women have a greater fear of losing their partners than of losing their child. They take desperate measures to save a relationship.”

"Professor Mechthild Neises, head of the Psychosomatic Unit at the Medical University in Hanover, agreed: “Such women have usually lied about their pregnancy for so long that they have stopped believing that they are actually pregnant. When the baby suddenly arrives, they panic and just want to get rid of it.”

But the baby-drops, modeled on foundling wheels that were first used in Italy in medieval times, are not seen as the final antidote to these killings. “Often the mother is under such psychological pressure that she doesn’t even register alternatives like the Baby-Klappe,” Dr Neises said.

But they do offer an alternative for some mothers. The drop-off point is usually hidden from view, shielded by trees and away from security cameras. The baby is put on to a tray that slides through a hole in the wall and is gently lowered into a heated cot. An alarm bell alerts nursing staff — but only after the mother has been given sufficient time to make a getaway. The baby can be reclaimed, usually up to three months later, should the mother change her mind.

In Berlin the posters, giving full addresses and phone numbers of three hospitals with baby-drops, are sponsored by Hans Wall, a businessman whose company maintains bus shelters and public lavatories. A baby was dumped in one of his shelters on a cold night last January. He became its godfather and will finance its education."

Sherry's comment: The baby drops are wonderful (thank God for them!) but the church has been fighting abortion with foundling wheels and homes since the middle ages.

A woman centered approach like the Nurturing Network is a longer term solution but requires someone with the vision, resources, and entrepenturial ability like Mary Cunningham Agee to set it up.

NN has saved 18,000 babies by focusing on meeting the needs of their mothers. When women don't feel that they have to choose between their own future and that of the baby, they almost always choose life. This is certainly true of college and professional/working women - the group whose worldview and needs the Nurturing Network was specifically formed to address.

The Nurturing Network’s objective is not a political one but a most practical one: to provide a real choice to women whose own support networks have let them down. Each woman served by TNN is empowered to move beyond her economic, emotional and social constraints in order to exercise her choice to have a healthy pregnancy and nurture the life of her child.

As Mary Cunningham Agee puts it:

Those who support ‘choice’ can hardly dispute
the value of creating another choice;
those who support life
can hardly reject an alternative made real.”

The key is NN's 47,000 volunteer resource members who provide all of the practical support a woman needs to nurture her child’s life—and make the most of hers as well.

The good news: The Nurturing Network has spread to 30 countries now and is present in all 50 states. Their website features "Maternal profiles in courage" - true stories of women who made the journey and chose life.

Check NN out. Tell your sister, daughter, grand-daughter, friends about it. Pray about getting involved.