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Written by Sherry   
Saturday, 10 March 2007 07:55
Here's an interesting initiative that I'd never heard of before: Youth to Youth Catholic Evangelization of Lansing, MI.

It seems to be rather like NET only the teams seem to limit their evangelization work to the state of Michigan. But then Net started 25 years ago just offering youth led retreats in Minnesota. Today, they have offices in Canada and Australia.

In an average 9 month NET season, each NET team will:

* travel 20,000 miles
* serve 9 to 11 dioceses
* facilitate close to 120 retreats
* stay in 105 host homes
* reach 8,500 young people one on one with the Gospel

As I travel, I have run into many priests, religious, and diocesan leaders whose lives were transformed by being part of a NET team. Nine months of intensive formation and the experience of mission seems to leave a permanent mark.

Any of our readers been part of NET or a Net-like program? What was your experience and how has it continued to affect your life today?

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