It's Spring in the Rockies Print
Written by Sherry   
Thursday, 26 March 2009 05:48
Ah - Colorado in late March.

I've got a lunch meeting today and a trip to Corpus Christi tomorrow and wouldn't you know that a huge winter storm is bearing down on us after weeks of spring weather. 6 - 12 inches of blowing now today and then more tomorrow morning. If I wasn't traveling, this would be fun - and over very quickly.

Of course, in Corpus Christi, it will be in the 70's! I am training 30 people to help others in their parish discern charisms. Will I be able to get out?

Update: Our forecast has been upgraded to a blizzard warning with cheery phrases like "life threatening".

Your prayers would be most appreciated!

By the way, the Other Sherry called yesterday to say that "Mountain Star" daughter, 7 year old Elizabeth is doing much, much better and her kidney function is going back to normal very quickly. Thanks for your prayers!