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A New Wave of Evangelists? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Tuesday, 22 May 2007 07:54
There are so many dynamic programs of evangelization and formation cropping up for high school and college students that it is hard to keep track. But here are a couple more and they are very media savvy:

St. Paul's Outreach in Minneapolis "Our Mission: To Engage Young Adults in a Life of Christian Discipleship."

Like many of these groups, St. Paul's is holding Schools of Evangelization and training what they call a "Missionary Corps" to do evangelization among high school and college students and young adults.

And then there is Youth Arise North America
Youth Arise is an international movement that emerged in the mid 90's in Malta out of a Catholic charismatic covenant community. (Youth Arise will be sponsoring a "festival" as part of World Youth Day in Sydney in 2008.)

Anyway, Youth Arise North America is sponsoring a national gathering (Arise 07) in Prescott, Arizona this weekend and they aren't shy when it comes to describing their purpose:

We are a generation of young adults in pursuit of truth. We have seen the offerings of this culture and we are not satisfied. We are thirsty, for it is a dry well. But we have tasted and seen Him, and He is glorious. Immense. Loving. Breath-taking. Worthy.

We are a generation raised by John Paul II. We are ready to go where God leads, to do what pleases Him, and to live lives that proclaim God's glory, His grandeur, His renown, and His love. We want to live lives that count. We want to be among the saints that have gone before us and become the generation that reverses the tide of a crumbling society. We shall not be afraid.

So we will unite at a college campus in Prescott, Arizona for 4 days of worship, teaching, and fellowship—with our hearts set upon His Most Sacred Heart.

The JP II generation - on-fire intentional disciples and yet, if you watch the video on their homepage, obviously not traditionalist.

Now if only our parishes, Newman centers, and these sorts of ministries were all working together: on the same page, with the same purpose: Raising up the disciples, apostles, and saints of the 21st century.

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