Another Day in Paradise . . . Print
Written by Sherry   
Thursday, 10 May 2007 20:46
But not till Sunday evening.

Off to Knoxville before dawn tomorrow, back Sunday evening. In the meantime, Fr. Mike will entertain you with cat tales and the other minions of our little blog community will contribute their thoughts.

Just had to share this:

This evening as I was digging up a new flower bed, a young man walked along the path that runs through the park behind my house and stopped.

The park has a full on view of Pike's Peak and the surrounding mountains. It was a perfect spring evening - cool, everything freshly green, and the sun low over the Rockies.

Pike's Peak is currently groaning with snow and the combination of the glow of the setting sun and some clouds meant that we saw the mountain's great shoulders through a golden haze.

The young man looked at me over the fence and said "I just have to say this. Another day in paradise!"

I could hear Ray Charles singing in the background:

Oh Beautiful, for spacious skies . . .