Coming Up: The Fascinating History of the Lay Apostolate Print
Written by Sherry   
Tuesday, 13 May 2008 10:46
Yes, we're here. But in the last throes of getting ready for the gathering tomorrow and Thursday and preparation for two back to back major events in June.

Blogging may be sparse over the next 48 hours but will resume afterwards.

Since I"m (amazingly) going to be home between how and September (with the exception of the two Making Disciples seminars in Wisconsin and Washington), I thought it would be fun to do some special blogging on the history of the development of the lay apostolate - before, during, and after the Council - starting in the middle ages. I've accumulated a ton of stuff over the years on the topic but it just sits in my files waiting to be used.

Why not share some of this great stuff via the blog?

Especially since the history is so rich, nuanced, and complicated and far more interesting than the simplistic "everything was great/terrible before the Council and everything has been the pits/fabulous since" scenario that we can't seem to get beyond.

One fascinating thing - before the Second Vatican Council, the champions of the lay apostolate were usually on the "liberal" end of the continuum as it existed in their day - indeed sometimes on the extreme left hand side of the spectrum in political and economic terms - while since the Council, the champions of the lay apostolate are perceived as usually, but not always, being on the "conservative" end. Of course, such categories flatten out the complexity of the reality and don't begin to tell the tale.

But its a tale worth telling - and a fruitful summer's blogging, I think.

So watch for the first installment - hopefully later this week.