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Written by Sherry   
Thursday, 29 May 2008 21:49
Lots to blog. First of all, starting tomorrow evening at 7pm.

First Fr. Mike takes off early tomorrow for LA where he will help teach a Called & Gifted workshop at St, John Eudes in Chatsworth, CA.

while our one of our Chicago land teaching teams will be putting on a Called & Gifted workshop at St. Isidore's in Bloomington, IL

If you are in the LA or Chicago areas, feel free to join the fun.

Secondly, interesting stuff going on over at Inside Catholic's blog:

Mark Shea's piece on Getting Past Clericalism is their cover story - and talks about the work of the institute.

They are also showing this fascinating video of an underground evangelical preacher in China. It all seems extremely
evangelical until half way through when - without any warning, one of his little congregations begins to pray the Rosary!
(Honest - I listened to it twice to be sure. ) There was no commentary about this in the video. In many parts of the global south, the sort of divisions that are so important to us seem meaningless but I have to admit I never thought to see Chinese underground evangelicals praying the Rosary. They may not know its Catholic and apparently have no knee-jerk Protestant fears about it.

Thirdly, Gashwin Gomes has blogged a interesting 5 part interview with an Indian Jesuit who is a missionary in Gujarat.

Addendum: I've read the whole interview that Gashwin has written: Fascinating.

I was particularly struck by part 5 on evangelism and discipleship: Nominalism, culture, "followers of Jesus" vs. "disciples", relations with evangelicals in India - fascinating.

And very encouraging to hear from a Jesuit who believes strongly in proclaiming Christ. Thanks Gashwin for this glimpse of a very different world and to Fr. Jose for sharing his story and answering his call.

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