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Written by Sherry   
Sunday, 11 May 2008 20:42
We've got a lot going on this week.

Planted my wildflower bed early this morning before going to Mass. Spent several hours raking up leaves, hauling mulch, and whacking mystery plants that must go.

Revising Making Disciples yet again - not a huge revision but the usual pre-event tweaks. And we are finishing up a total overhaul of our Called & Gifted teacher training for June.

Most interestingly, Fr. Mike and I will be spending two days this week in a informal gathering with leaders of two graduate schools of theology and another national/international ministry exploring the possibility of collaboration between our four organizations. Your prayers for this meeting on Wednesday and Thursday would be greatly appreciated as we explore what God might have for us.

The meeting is happening in my house so I need to clean! (The domestic aspects of life have been getting minimal attention
for a long time, I'm afraid. )

So blogging will be catch as catch can.