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Reporting from Detroit . . . PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Friday, 29 May 2009 17:45
We've made it through the first week. Fr. Michael has swooped off back to California for the weekend to attend OP ordinations and I'm alone - in the world's largest brick building.

Honest. Think of the Pentagon with crucifixes and that would be about right. I can't begin to count the rooms, hallways, staircases or alcoves. Everytime I think about about going somewhere my head begins to hurt.

Cause the simpliest thing involves 4 sets of stairs and a half mile hike - which may well end up with me on the wrong side of the whole complex from my goal. Good thing the faculty dining hall is near my room. That I can find - so in pinch, I won't starve.

The class seems to be going well. Several are eager to attend this summer's Making Disciples seminar. It would be great to have a Detroit contingent. We have 15 from a parish in Ohio coming and two from Singapore! It's not too late for you to come too! Just check out the "new seminar" link on our website:

I've been working pretty relentlessly since I got here - just trying to keep one class ahead of the group. I'll spend Saturday trying to get ahead and Sunday out with some old friends like Tim Furgeson and Matthew Hill and new ones like Sue Cummins who is in the class. We'll be going to Greenfield Village after Mass and brunch - a museum where Henry Ford gathered historic bulidings from around the US.

See the world with CSI is my motto.

Now to make some overdue phone calls and scan once again the canons on the laity.

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