A Century of Popes: Leo XIII: February 20, 1878 - July 20, 1903 (25 years) Print
Written by Sherry   
Wednesday, 14 November 2007 12:43
I've had the quixotic idea (inspired by New Advent's link to a video of John XXIII) to post as many video's of the popes of the last century as I can find online with the hope that by being able to see their gestures, to hear their voice, we will be able to grasp something of the man as he appeared to those about him. To see them as something other than figures in our own debates.

Watch this extraordinary footage of Pope Leo XIII in 1896. He is 86 years old and frail. It was Pope Leo whom 15 year old Therese Martin begged to allow her to enter Carmel.

Then listen to Pope Leo chanting in this first audio recording of a Pope's voice made in the year of his death: 1903.