Avery Dulles and the Perfect Cookie Print
Written by Sherry   
Friday, 23 November 2007 21:44
After spending 10 - 11 hours today reading everything the Church has ever published on ecumenism, I just gotta say two things:

1) What Avery Dulles wrote below about ecumenism is lifted, almost verbatim, from the Decree on Ecumenism from the Second Vatican Council and tons of magisterial teaching since and there's really nothing "out there" or "cutting edge" about it. And I'm too tired to say more on the subject.

2) You need to look at pictures of really decadent, perfect hand-made chocolates and cookies and dream of what you could do this Advent.

Visit this blog, KUIDAORE, and be dazzled and inspired. I feel like Yenta, (from the old Barbra Streisand movie) wondering how the other woman makes her cookies all the same size? Can it be possibly that a mere mortal can produce such gorgeous stuff by hand?

Hat tip: Anna Ceznik via Fr. Mike

Any other Adventian/Christmassy foodie sites that you recommend?