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Written by Sherry   
Friday, 16 November 2007 06:14
Interesting new group blog:

Cahiers Péguy: the drama of Christian humanism

In the tradition of Charles Péguy's Cahiers: a journal vrai, the most beautiful thing in the world, a friendship and a city and a perfectly free association of men who all believe in something.

In this case, the free association of 3 men and a woman: a "grandma on call" in Duluth, a guy from Kansas, a young man in Seattle (who attends my old parish Blessed Sacrament and occasionally comments here at ID) and a deacon from Salt Lake City. With a strong Communion and Liberation theme.

They have a thought provoking post about the upcoming Presidential election based upon a post of Fred of Deep Furrows:

Father Giussani understood that simply taking a position against other positions in the public forum was self-defeating for the movement of CL [Communion and Liberation], not from a point of view of political strategizing but because it did not allow CL to accomplish the missionary dimension of the Church, that is, to be a presence.» (John Zucchi, "Luigi Giussani, the Church, and Youth in the 1950s: A Judgment Born of an Experience." Logos 10:4, Fall 2007, p 133).

As we go into this election season, I see many reactions of people I know in emails, conversations, etc. to the current political situation. Of the candidates available, who's the best? Who has the potential of getting elected? What issues are deal breakers and which are not?

What I'm not hearing is a creative response to current conditions. What are the key issues? What kind of leadership does the US need at this time?

How can we educate ourselves on these matters? How is it possible to participate in the political process creatively and not merely accepting the roles dictated to us by the halls of power? Alasdair MacIntyre's non servum is not really much of an option.

Worth thinking about as lay apostles. Worth checking out.