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Monday, 15 October 2007 20:19

Written by  Br. Matthew Augustine, OP

I received this e-mail from a very dear friend a couple of weeks ago. Her and I were social justice peer ministers together at our Newman Center in Bellingham, Washington. She is the person who first encouraged me to join the Dominican Order. She entered religious life, the Maryknoll Dominican Sisters, around the same time I entered the Western Dominican Province. She is now heading off to a mission of several years in East Timor. I count myself privileged to know her and to be her friend. Please keep her and her apostolate in your prayers. She sent along this letter regarding the situation in Burma with a link where ID readers can go to help alleviate the suffering of the Burmese people. Please take a moment and sign the petition.

Dear Sisters and friends,

Greetings to you from Bellingham, my precious college town, where I'm visiting a dear friend. It's been wonderful to be home in the northwest,reconnecting with many special people and places. Three weeks ago I officially received my first mission assignment. In late December I will be going to South-East Asia. I've been assigned to the Maryknoll community in East Timor. This was my first choice and I'm very grateful to be moving there. It will not bean easy place to live or work...but I believe that God's grace, which calls me there, will give me what I need. This message, however, concerns the people in Burma. You may be aware of what's going on there, concerning the military's attempt to stop the non-violent protest movement. The people's pro-democracy and resistance movement got international attention once the Buddhist monks and nuns came into the streets. They began praying, chanting, and publicly calling for change,and their cries for an end to military oppression was clearly heard. Now the country is full of martyrs suffering from attacks, imprisonment, torture, and death. The military is leading a counter-movement to block all communication and terrorize the people into silence. My heart was instantly moved to prayer and solidarity with the Burmese people--especially because of my intimate friendship with Sarah, my group-mate from Burma/Myanmar. Because of the violence and repression,she can't go home to visit her family. And as I enjoy my family and friends, I ask myself, "what can I do?" Here is a petition addressed to the UN Security Council and Chinese government, pressuring them to intervene. Please join our efforts to show solidarity with the Burmese and ask the UN to intervene now. Join us in prayer to share the experience of non-violent actions for peace. Please sign this petition to share a political effort to help. This is an instant LINK to the petition. Please, do something for the Burmese...

Thank you,


"The dominant factor in our lives is Love: love of God, and love of neighbor as we love ourselves for love of God. The missioner's portion is a special consciousness of God's thirst and hunger for the love of all. It was to satisfy this love that we came here".

MMJ, foundress of Maryknoll Sisters


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