Snapshots from the Road Print
Written by Sherry   
Tuesday, 09 October 2007 11:22
I've had the chance to witness the charism of prophecy manifesting in two very different people over the past month and neither has been involved with the charismatic renewal.

One is a young husband and father who is also Director of Adult Faith Formation at a large parish. He receives prophetic insights for his parish while praying and amazingly enough, is respected enough by his fellow staff to be able to share what he has received and be taken seriously! He has a passionate desire to see his parish develop a culture of discipleship and become a center of lay formation.

The other is an exuberant newly retired widow who is preparing to take a private vow of celibacy. She was very happily married for 32 years and is now amazed to discover that she is also very happy as a single woman. She feels very strongly that she is to simply make herself completely available to God. This woman seems to demonstrate both charisms of evangelism and prophecy. She has been known to feel impressed to say out of the blue to relative strangers "Its time you entered the Church!" and they do!

Just some of the fascinating, inspiring people we meet as we travel around the country helping Catholics discern charisms.