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When Love is Unquenchable PDF Print E-mail
Written by Sherry   
Wednesday, 10 October 2007 06:57
Stephen Pohl has written a moving description (via Catholic Exchange)of his dying father and his relationship with his wife of 60 years and his children.

It is at once an intimate, exhausting and deeply moving experience for everyone.

We children, not present during our parents' courtship, are now witnessing a kind of inverse courtship as their relationship here draws to a close with all the intensity and passion with which it began.

Mom now displays the ardor Dad once showed to get her to the altar of their nuptial Mass, as she prepares to take him to the altar for his funeral Mass, where their sons will be the groomsmen and their daughters the bridesmaids. Meanwhile Mom is attentive to Dad's needs, solicitous of his desires, patient in making sure she understands him and that he understands her.

Love is on a collision course with death, grief and eternity. At that intersection stands the crucified and risen Christ.

Read the whole thing. Pray for Stephen's family and for all who are dying or suffering today.

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