Touching the Reign of God Print
Written by Michael Fones   
Wednesday, 01 October 2008 06:34
I just finished reading a manuscript by Mary Sharon Moore, one of our Called & Gifted workshop teachers, titled, "Touching the Reign of God: Bringing theological reflection to daily life." It will be published, probably in December, by Wipf and Stock Publishers, Eugene. I'll let you know when it is available.

Mary Sharon is founding director of Awakening Vocations, a ministry dedicated to awakening the vocational culture of parishes and guiding the vocation discernment of individuals. She is an active spiritual director, frequent writer, and her Journey with the Word seasonal meditations are heard on Catholic radio stations around the United States. Her monthly vocations column, Conformed to Christ, appears in diocesan newspapers.

In a time when many don’t believe that God is personal, Mary Sharon shows us just how deeply personal and transformative a relationship with God who is love, mercy, humility, and forgiveness can be.

Through short reflections from the heart of a woman in whom Jesus has made a home, we are offered graceful entry into Mary Sharon's inner life of reflective prayer and her outer life as a Christian in the world. Further, we are allowed to see for ourselves how the Holy Spirit connects the two. Neither is perfect, yet both are real, instructive, and humbly inspiring.

Like her life, her book is saturated with Scripture. In her everyday encounters with the world and its denizens, the living Word of God challenges her, shapes her attitudes, insinuates himself into her thoughts, and judges her words, her actions, and even her inaction. As a result, we glimpse the possibility of life and prayer becoming one, and realize that not only can we touch the reign of God, but God’s reign reaches under the door of our hearts to touch us.

Touching the Reign of God reveals the startling practicality and ancient mystery of prayer lived; prayer taken seriously, not in the multiplication of words or measure of time, but through attentiveness to the Trinity with Whom we each long to be united. From the experience of her prayer-life (and life-prayer), Mary Sharon can confidently and audaciously proclaim, “No aspect of human life falls outside of God’s blessing.”