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Written by Sherry   
Tuesday, 06 October 2009 10:06
Just lovely.

This PBS recording of Emily Lowe, cantor at an Orthodox parish: Holy Cross Antiochian Orthodox Church in Linthicum, Maryland. (This is fun - we are scheduled to do our first Called & Gifted workshop in Linthicum later this month.)

For someone with a background like mine in Arabic music, the chant doesn't sound strange at all. The middle eastern quality is actually pretty minimal. Just enough to stand out to westerners.
And her description of learning to sing chant sounds so much like the classic description of the charisms that we have heard from so many others: it isn't me.

From a personal standpoint, I never had a very good voice before we became Orthodox. I believe that I found my voice in Orthodox music — that I didn’t have it in Protestant music or in secular music.

When people say, “Oh, you did such a wonderful job,” I feel like telling them it wasn’t me, because it really wasn’t. It doesn’t feel like me when I chant. I’m thinking about God and expressing the words the best that I can.

H/T: Get Religion