Easter in October Print
Written by Sherry   
Thursday, 08 October 2009 20:52
I'm off tomorrow for Indianapolis to join Fr. MIke and put on our 407th Called & Gifted workshop. (Every once in a while, I count so I don't lose track. Today was a counting day.)

They are predicting our first snow tonight so your prayers that I can get to the airport tomorrow without problems would be most gratefully appreciated.

One of our commenters, who used to attend Christ the King parish (featured in my recent post "Vocations are US" in Ann Arbor) urged ID readers to go to the CTK website and listen to one of the Easter Vigil homilies.

I did. And he was right.

I've been all over the Catholic world and attended Mass in many different languages and settings, from St. Peter's on down, but have never heard the challenge to discipleship put so simply, so clearly, and lovingly in a Catholic setting. (And I've heard some great homilies - trailing around after OP's and all that.)

Nor have I ever heard over a minute of thunderous applause after the triple "He is Risen". I have often longed for "something" - although I admit that applause would not have occurred to me as the way to do it. (Although I know of the tradition of corporate applause as a form of praise.)

Some way to truly express the joy and hope of the Resurrection that wasn't completely scripted and impersonal. Something that said that we, the Catholic community in this place, are really beside ourselves with joy because the one we loved, whom we believed was dead, is alive and in our midst once more.

So I'm going to link to the homily from this past Easter Vigil. It is 22 minutes long. But worth every minute. All who feel in need of a spiritual pick-me up will find it refreshing and challenging, I think.

May we all know the love and presence of the Risen Lord today - and tomorrow.