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Written by Sherry   
Thursday, 27 September 2007 07:05
Fr. Gregory Jensen of the great Koinonia blog, gave this response to my Catholic Sense and Sensibility post below and I just had to share it:

In the Orthodox Church one often hears about the need for converts to develop an Orthodox mindset (phronema). In my experience, it is worth noting that the development for an Orthodox phronema is almost always limited to converts. Not unsurprisingly, this need arise in response to a challenge that someone wishes to dismiss without a hearing ("You think too much like a Protestant/Roman Catholic--you need to develop an Orthodox phronema that will help you understand why we don't (or do) XXXXXX.")

But whatever else an Orthodox mindset or a Catholic sensibility might be, it is never an absolute thing. The desired mindset/sensibility is always relative to the situation in which we find ourselves. The mindset we need to develop is akin to the virtue of prudence--of knowing what the right and God-pleasing thing is in the situation. For the more biblically minded among us, it is the need for maturity as St Paul uses the term.

Our mindset/sensibility should serve our obedience to Christ, not (as it invariably is used to do) limit the range of our obedience to only what has been done before. Let me re-phrase that, we ought not to limit ourselves to only those things done in the past that met the approval of those who have a vested interest in limiting the range of grace.